Sometimes we find ourselves being affected by the negative energy of certain people or circumstances. Withhout the inner desire to encage in this energy that is not yours, you may feel the need to protect yourself from this negative energy attaching to your Being.

There are many God(dess) energies you can call up on, but for Protection Durga as Mother Goddess is the most powerful. Using this mantra will help you to seal out any negatives.

‘Om Aeem Hreem Kleem Chamundayai Vichchai’

Remember that using the power of mantra or the energy God(dess)’s hold does not mean you are practicing religion of any sorts. Sanskrit as root (dead) language is powerful for anyone to use!

May your light shine bright unaffected by external darkness ❤


Picture from Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton

In Lak’ech

There is a Mayan saying that carries the same energy as the through yoga more known Namasté. Its called In Lak’ech. The meaning of In Lak’ech is I am another you, you are another me!

Taking this into consideration In Lak’ech makes us live on a frequency of connection instead of seperation. In this place of connection we can thrive, make the world a better place. Hope we all take this into our intentions as we start this week by living on the frequency of In Lak’ech!

Have an amazing blissful week in connection with yourself and others.

In Lak’ech,

Alana _/|\_

In Lakech