Business Training

Business in-house Yoga Classes / Meditation / Mindfulness / Stress Release / Burn-Out Prevention / Myofascial Release / Nutrition / Coaching.

A lot of our precious time we spend working hard to pay for our needs, home, luxuries, travels and just our day to day life and perhaps also to get the recognition and fulfillment from accomplishments made through our efforts, putting our skills into action. All this responsibility and the obligations that come from a place of employment can also put lots of stress on our mind and our bodies. More people get burned out, sick or feel anxious and are fear driven all or most of the time. The drive and energy boost we get from working hard to get that deadline or get that client is lovely, but also drains your body and mind. It is like living in constant survival mode with lots of incentives that support that survival mode to get things done in an ambitious and fast driven society, where most people are behind a screen (of their smartphone, television, laptop, computer) most of their day.

Research has shown that their is a mind body connection, which entails that emotional distress has the same effect as physical distress, so a broken leg or a ‘broken’ heart has the same effect on our mind. This is amazing and also makes us realize we cannot have a happy healthy life feeling vital and strong without being in balance with our body and mind. So that is why it is so important to learn how to create habits and incentives for our mind and body that support and enhance vitality and bliss in our day to day life. So we can prevent illness, burn-outs, tension headaches on a frequent base and learn how to deal with stress, disappointment and all of life’s suffering.

I am offering an in-house training for employees to deal with stress, prevent burn-out and support healthy healing habits through my own experience within an ambitious (small and large) corporate environment and it’s effects on mind and body with a background in Yoga therapy, Eastern philosophy, Ayurveda, Nutrition and Sociology.

For more detailed information regarding the different possibilities and a personalized business program, please contact me at



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