Alana is a spirited Buddhist Yogini and Herbalist with a great love for food, health, travel, music, culture and people. She lives to share her light, lifting up anyone who is up for the ride. In the Netherlands she lives with her husband, daughter and son, and has been teaching yoga and meditation for many Years. She specializes in functional movement, prenatal yoga, Ayurveda, coaching, stress release and loves making her own self-care products.

She has a background in Law and decided to follow her heart longings on the path of yoga and beyond. With Ginger & Mint Kisses she wants to share her love for life and inspire you to live your truest life while having the most precious time here on earth, no matter what curve balls life throw at you.

Ginger & Mint Kisses is a soulful platform to inspire and stimulate you to live in your truth, living up to your potential, feeling vital and passionate along the way. The sweetness of a Satvic way of life.

Ginger brings  warmth and energy in our lives (in addition to being a lovely, healthy root to add to food or tea). It brings the energy to get things done and feel that passion to fuel our lives. But without balance we live in chaos, so that is where the mint comes in. Mint has a cooling and refreshing effect. It clears open. In combination, Ginger and Mint, is the perfect balance. Kisses stand for love, the love for oneself, the love for others and love as essence of our being. Love helps us grow and gives us that feeling of connectedness from which we can blossom. Thriving through life instead of surviving.

From my heart to yours _/|\_,

Alana de Bois

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