Daily Dose of SelfCare

Some tips for adapting selfloving healthy habits

Often when we feel tired, stressed and down our habits reflect and enhance those emotions. We tend to grab that bag of chips or an otherwise sugarfilled snack or drink. We would rather stay on the couch and watch a marathon session of our favorite series. However lovely these indulgences can be from time to time, it doesn’t do anything for our health, physically but also mentally especcially when we hang in there and don’t get our butts of that couch and into the world. So if you haven’t been feeling you have been living up to your potential and feeling a lack of lustre and vitality in your life, try a few of these suggestions to amp up those feelings of balance, vitality, health and connectedness with life including yourself and others.

Morning Self Love

Get up early in the morning (even on your day off) and start with some loving self time. This really helps you to set those intentions for the rest of the day and start feeling full of life, living out of harmony. I start in the morning with a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar (acv has so many good benefits), this will help balance your internal PH, helps relieve allergies, works on your skin (preventing acne) and is really good for your immunesystem. Before hitting the shower do some dryskin bodybrushing (this will get the energy flowing in your body, increasing circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system in your body, softening skin and reducing cellulite). Start at your feet working your way up brushing towards your heart. It is best to do this daily. Then massage yourself with a nice smelling natural oil (I make my own with a jojoba base and some essential oils I love- lavender for relaxing, ginger and mint – great to start the day, cedar to feel grounded just choose one you love) before stepping underneed your shower. Scraping your tong after waking up is also a good way to get rid of the build up of bacterias you had during your sleep.

Having done this physical cleansing part of your morning, after having your breakfast carve out some time to write down your intentions, thoughts and hopes for the day (journaling). Start the day with gratitude no matter what. There is always something to be grateful for (your health, love, the sun, that lovely cup of tea or a inspiring book). Also doing a short meditation and some gentle stretches (yoga) will really get the good energy flowing. I hear you think wow this will take a lot of time, precious time I could be sleeping before I have to get up and go to work. To be honoust it can a bit, depends on how you normally start your day, but is will give you so much more time during the day, not to mention lots of vitality. It also doesn’t have to be very time consuming. Just stop snoozing that alarm and step out to your new habits to feel energized all day.