“Yoga is freedom. It is freedom from fear of not knowing who we are, from presenting a face to the world that is not truly representative of who we feel ourselves to be, and from pretending to believe in things that we do not really know to be true. This is the liberation we find in yoga as we return to the present moment: to our natural mind and to a state of complete happiness.” – Richard Freeman

Yoga can come in many forms, as it becomes more and more part of our day to day lives, we also adopt yoga to our needs for rest or for space and strength. We become aware that Yoga hands us tools to work through life’s challenges and are not just pretzel like postures we take on. We all have the experience of life that it is not just rainbows and unicorns.

So Yoga will not hand you a blissful life on a silver or golden platter, and by doing yoga you will not automatically have a life filled with only joy, beauty, equanimity, health, happiness and so on. So why start with yoga, well Yoga will bring you YOU, it will challenge you, test you, award you and will keep you ready to flow with the changes that are inherent to life. You will have to work hard at it (either stepping out of comfort or creating space for your comfort), and this work will continue for the rest of your life. When practiced mindfully and full of awareness you will develop a body and mind consciousness and it will not only give you a stronger healthier body (when practiced well under the guidance of a good teacher and your own loving SELF), but even more importantly it will grant you a strong mind, a resilient attitude and reminds you to carry kindness, compassion and gratitude in your heart wherever you go and no matter what life throws at you (the good, the wonderful, the bad and the ugly).

Nowadays there are so many forms of yoga that it may be hard to choose one that fits you, also teachers can differ in style and energy. Yoga has evolved as did the people practicing yoga, again yoga will learn you to go with the flow and I am not just talking about the asana (postures) practice of yoga. Times have changed, people have changed and science regarding the effects of yoga have evolved. Yoga can be practiced for fun, for health or fitness and on therapeutic base (vinyasa, acro and aerial yoga, power, ashtanga, kundalini, restorative and yin). So yoga gives us an amazing tool to (re)connect with ourselves, others, our surroundings and this Greater World we live in, living in honor and respect of ourselves and every other living thing on this globe. Also when most people start doing yoga they start with the physical practice of postures, and as you will learn on your yogic path it entails so much more. Yoga will not just be something you do, but it will become so entangled in your day to day life, way of thinking and how you interact with your surroundings that YOGA truly becomes A WAY OF LIFE.

Does yoga make life more beautiful and fun, I believe it does. Because if we practice and live with the right intent, it will open our eyes, keep us living in the moment (exactly where our breath takes us every time) and will not only train our bodies but also will train our mind to stay TRUE and PURE and will teach us to let our old stories go and anything that no longer serves us. Learning along the way to let go of any emotional attachments that are harming us more than they are healing us. Creating one peaceful yoga warrior at a time!

Namasté beautiful souls and welcome on your journey,



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